The Benefits of Glass Railings in Toronto

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The Benefits of Glass Railings

Tired of all the “standard” types of railings? If you have a stairway, balcony or a deck area at your property that you need to add railings to, one of the primary considerations is the material that these railings will be made of. Your choice of material can have a significant impact, influencing the total cost of the project, the aesthetics of your home, as well as the performance of the railings themselves (e.g. some types are known to be more durable than others). If aluminum railings or traditional wooden railings just don’t “do it” for you, why not consider having glass railings installed instead? This is a type of railing that is growing in popularity among homeowners and businesses alike in Toronto and the rest of Ontario, and is a great way to make your property stand out. If you’re not sure what you stand to gain by having glass railings installed, continue reading to discover the numerous advantages that this railing option offers.

The Top Reasons to Seriously Consider Installing Glass Railings at Your Property

A lot of people are a little dubious when the idea of having glass railings installed is first suggested to them. “Sure, they look classy, but are they safe?” is a common response we hear, but as you’re going to find out below, they sure are!

  • The Awesome Unobstructed View – Do you have some great views from your house or apartment? Without a doubt the single most annoying thing about most types of railings is that they obstruct these views considerably. You can’t sit down on your terrace or deck area in the summer to drink a nice cold beverage and hope to be able to admire those views; you have to stand up! With glass railings however, that isn’t an issue. Glass railings are fully transparent and provide you with a crystal clear view of everything that’s located (or going on) in the surrounding area.
  • They Look Great – There is no other type of railing that you could have installed that comes even close to glass railings in terms of class. There are lots of words that are used to describe glass railings (think elegant, sophisticated, classy, modern); all of which are positive. Whether you’re looking to make a drastic change to the style of your property or you’re looking for something that will enhance and bring out the best in other features, glass railings are a great choice.
  • Surprisingly Durable – We say “surprisingly” because durability is not something you necessarily associate with products made from glass (many people picture a glass vase falling on the floor and smashing into a thousand pieces), but these railings often age better than more traditional options since they don’t rot, crack, peel or splinter. Providing you don’t subject glass railings to high intensity impacts, they should last for decades.
  • Low Maintenance – Many of the clients that we’ve worked with in the Toronto area have spoken to us about the importance of their new railings being “low maintenance” since they lead a busy lifestyle and don’t want yet another chore adding to their (already lengthy) list. In this regard it’s unlikely you’ll find a better solution than glass railings, since once they’ve been manufactured they don’t need to be finished, stained or painted; in fact, they never will. They are a ready-to-go solution that need nothing more than an occasional wipe down to remove dust and dirt from the surface.
  • Proven to Add Value – As if these advantages aren’t enough, glass railings can also add a significant amount of value to your home and offer a great return on investment. They are a feature that is highly desired by home seekers and can add that “wow” factor that is often needed when your home is up for sale in order to make it stand out from the rest.

Royal Crown Aluminum Railing & Fencing Inc. is one of the most well respected fencing and decorative railing manufacturers in Toronto, and we produce and install some of the highest quality glass railings in the area. To arrange your free onsite consultation, call our team today on 1-855-213-1772.

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