The Benefits of Aluminum Deck Railings in Toronto

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Aluminum Deck Railings: Better than Other Options?

Many times a homeowner from Toronto will contact us and say “I’m looking for some railings for the deck in my yard, but I’m not sure what type of material I should choose. Would you recommend aluminum deck railings?” It’s actually impossible to say whether they are the ideal solution for your deck in particular, since there is a range of factors that could have an impact upon this and, in some cases, actually make them unsuitable. We do offer a free onsite consultation if you did want an accurate answer to the question above, but without that opportunity the best thing that we can do is advise you to learn about the benefits that aluminum deck railings offer and then compare those benefits against other options. We’re going to help you “get the ball rolling” today and save you some time by outlining the main advantages for you based on our years of industry experience.

Why Aluminum Deck Railings Should Be a Strong Contender

We would like to stress again that it’s important to look into the other options that are available to you, such as glass railings, so that you get a balanced overview and can make an informed decision that you won’t live to regret. The positive aspects of having aluminum deck railings installed on your deck include:

  • High Resistance to the Elements – The weather is a primary concern when selecting deck railings and is a factor that can have a huge impact upon both the longevity of your new railings as well as their appearance. While the sun may cause some types of railings to fade and crack, and the rain (and we do receive a high amount of annual rainfall in Toronto) could lead to rotting or warping, aluminum deck railings can endure virtually anything. Even the most worrying concern for a metal, rusting, is not an issue, since aluminum is a non-ferrous metal.
  • Low Maintenance Requirements– This is something that’s always welcomed! Low maintenance requirements mean that once your aluminum deck railings are installed, you won’t hardly have to waste a second worrying about them. The most severe that it gets is having to repaint them every few years, and in most cases it’s simply a case of giving them a touch-up. Better still, buy aluminum deck railings that feature a powder coating (applied during the manufacturing process) and you’ll get a set of deck railings that require virtually zero maintenance.
  • Highly Cost Efficient – Everyone likes value for money, right?! Aluminum deck railings certainly represent that and are among the cheapest options available. They are generally more affordable than deck railings made from iron, although they do typically cost more upfront than wooden railings do. However, with wooden deck railings there can be significant ongoing costs (due to the high maintenance requirements), which means aluminum deck railings often work out cheaper over the long term.
  • Enhance Your Yard’s Appearance – It’s important to not get so caught up in the performance aspect of selecting new railings and consider how they will affect your outdoor space visually too. Aluminum deck railings can do a lot to improve aesthetics and actually enhance your landscape. They are available in a wide range of different design styles, different colours and finishes and can be manipulated to fit in with the area that surrounds them perfectly.

In terms of comparing aluminum deck railings to the other types of railings that you could potentially have installed at your home, take note of the following:

  • They require less maintenance, are lighter and are easier to install than others.
  • They are more resistant to the weather, have lower maintenance demands and generally last longer than wooden deck railings.
  • They are more tolerate of extreme temperatures (important in Toronto) than vinyl deck railings and are also not prone to fading.

If you would like further information on the aluminum deck railings that we could custom produce for your property, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today by calling 1-855-213-1772.

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