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Royal Crown Aluminum Railing & Fencing Inc.

The people in the Greater Toronto Area consider Royal Crown Aluminum Railing & Fencing Inc. as one of best decorative fence and railing manufactures in Toronto and all of the GTA.

There is no doubt about that and we can prove it to you!

Ever since Royal Crown Aluminum Railing & Fencing Inc. was founded (and is now conveniently based in Concord, Ontario), it only focused on providing enhanced and beautified modern fences and aluminum railings. The company has made sure that its products are durable and tough and at the same time, easy to install and pleasing to the eyes.

We strive to innovate and lead the fence and aluminum railings manufacturing industry. We love to design, plan, manufacture, and install our products. We want you, our loyal customers, to not just be a part of but also be the center of this process.

Tell us what you want, tell us what you need and tell us how you want everything to be done. We are giving you full creative control of the products that you will order from us. We will appease you and your dream designs as much as we can — as long as physics and the government permit us too.

Due to the industry being good to us, we were able to invest large sums to improve our skilled partisans and technical infrastructures in our establishment. We are now able to be more efficient in creating our products and in delivering our clients’ requests. It is safe to say that we have become a better choice than our competitors.

As of now, all the fences and railings we create are made inside our newly redesigned production manufacturing plant. Just after it was created, Royal Crown Aluminum Railing & Fencing Inc. became one of the undisputed leaders when it comes to high quality commercial and residential fences and railings production.

We are proud to say that we are fully honored whenever we provide our customers with affordable products and solutions. Our business plan is simple: Give our customers the best that we can offer in exchange for a fair price, and make them happy — happy enough such that they will come back.

We love being involved with our customers and their projects. That is why we commit ourselves 100% whenever we consult with us once they start a new project or continue an existing one. If you are a new customer, rest assured that aside from getting high quality products, we would also provide you all the resources and support that you need — even if a cookie if that will help.

Primarily, we produce custom-designed railings that are ideal replacements for your old porches, exterior stairs, and aluminum deck railings. You can even use them in your high-rise and low-rise complexes. And the best part of it all is that all our products require very low maintenance.

We can provide you with picket, aluminum, and glass railings. All of them come in different styles, and you can cherry-pick any that will suit your tastes. For your information, we use powder coating to paint our rails.

In case that you are not familiar with powder coating, it is a “painting” method that uses powder instead of the regular liquid paint. This process is ideal for metallic materials, such as MDF (medium density fireboard), aluminum, and steel.

Powder coating also adds more strength to the item being coated and the coat itself is difficult to remove. Also, rails that are powder coated look more expensive and bring out a unique look. That is not an exaggeration. Most expensive bikes and vehicles are painted using powder coating.

Aside from railings, we are also experts when it comes to privacy screens, columns, and aluminum fence production. Do note that we can customize our products to suit your property or the location where they will be installed. Also, you have our specialists’ full attention to give you a hassle-free production and installation experience.

We can also offer replacement services. Just give us a call, and we can provide you with detailed estimates and information on how we will do it. We will make sure that you will be informed every step of the way. What’s more, our specialists and workers will not give you any trouble or bother you in any way.

When it comes to pricing, our service fees and product prices are set to be very competitive. If you are working with a tight budget, we can do some cost cutting for you and provide you with advice on how we can still make your property look great and secured despite the budget constraints.

Of course, our service and products come with warranties. You can rest assured that all the aluminum products we offer are only made of the highest-grade products available in the industry. Also, we assure you that our skilled craftsmen are the best in the industry. They follow the highest standards of workmanship. To get more information about our warranties and guarantees, check out the Warranty section under the Services navigation menu.

Since you are already on our website, take your time checking out some of our recent projects. It is not difficult to imagine your house or property surrounded by our finest columns, aluminum gates, railings, and fences. We, and the other experts such as architects, engineers, and real estate appraisers, can assure you that just adding some of our products around your property can greatly enhance the appeal of your property and home.


  • On the weekend, Blair and one of his workers was in my neighborhood and come by to see the problems with the gates and panels.

     I want to say Thank You very much for the visit. I was not expecting it but it made me feel great and that my business to Royal Crown was appreciated.

    Blair indicated when the weather gets better , he and his team will be coming by to solve my issues.

     We are very thankful and we are looking forward to seeing the crew and help resolve our issues. Please inform Blair how grateful we are that he came by.

  • The company's quote was in line with several other companies that came highly recommended on Homestars. The difference was they custom manufactured my railings to the specific lengths of my porch sides, reducing the number of fence posts (but keeping within building codes), so the look is clean. Scheduling was a bit of a problem, but waiting for their service was worth it. The workers came, were polite, did a great job of installation (I was worried about cracking the flagstone but no problems), and clean up was thorough. You could tell the workers were meticulous, measuring and adjusting to get the railings to line properly. I will also be having the company cap the wooden frame of my garage door in aluminum. Thanks to Valbona for her help in setting up the appointments. 

    E Jung from Toronto
  • So happy I contacted this company. The railings totally transform the front of my house. Eni was so helpful and informative explaining the entire process to me. Ben, the installer was fantastic, very polite and professional even introducing himself...a real rarity but most appreciated. Eni returned at the end of the installation to check my satisfaction with the project. Everything I was told to expect, happened. Olga, in the office also followed up with an email to verify I was happy. Very well run company with people who seem to truly care about the customer. I would definitely recommend to others and will most certainly contact for other projects.

    Meghan from Mississauga
  • We hired Royal Crown to replace our rusty old steel railings with new aluminum railings and replace our siding at the front of the house. Dorian was the estimator we met with and he took us through the process and then Alex from the office made it all happen. The company kept us informed every step of the way and now we have a sharp looking railings and the new siding really made a difference to the house exterior! If you are looking for a company that really knows what they are doing give Royal Crown a shout. Thanks!

    Darlene from Mississauga
  • We have used Royal Crown before and we were happy to use them again. They are a pleasure to deal with. Starting from the office who is always ready to help. The installers did a great job as well. They were on time and worked diligently to finish the job. The job was done perfectly and the work site was left spotless. We will continue to work with Royal Crown and we would recommend them to everyone.

    Brandy from Etobicoke
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